XLHC Impact Bed

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  • Advantages
  • Parameter
  • Dimensions
  •  Can provide the blanking area conveyor belt overall support, the overall buffering effect is excellent.

     Quick replacement of single pcs or single side of buffer bar can be realized by T-bolt.

     Load the material under uniform force, good buffer, can effectively prevent the material spatter.

     The smooth UHMW-PE surface of the buffer bar can effectively reduce the friction between the conveyor belt and the buffer bar, and the front and back are curved to ensure the smooth go through of the conveyor belt.

     The special rubber layer with excellent performance effectively absorbs the impact of falling material.

     The bottom layer is all steel structure design, easy to install and long service life.

  • Plastic layer

     Material: UHMW-PE plastic

     Tensile strength: 44N/mm²

     Elongation at break: 350%

     Hardness: 73HRM D

     Specific gravity: 0.94g/cm3

     Friction coefficient: 0.03


    Rubber layer

     Material: Natural rubber

     Tensile strength: ≥180MPa

     Elongation at break: ≥400%

     Hardness: 60±5 Shore A

    Resilience: ≥45%



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