Belt Conveyor Personnel Self-Rescue Device

XLZJQ-Ⅰtype belt conveyor personnel self-rescue device is a kind of safety protection device for belt conveyor developed by our company. In the daily maintenance of belt conveyor, workers must carry out maintenance operations on the conveyor belt. It is especially dangerous near the entrance of the funnel at the head, if the conveyor starts suddenly, the workers don't leave in time from the conveyor belt, perhaps workers will be taken into the funnel. To this end, our company developed a self-rescue device. When the conveyor starts suddenly, the workers can grasp any part of the orifice plate. Even if the worker falls on the conveyor, with the movement of the conveyor belt, the orifice plate will be bumped by the worker's body, and the detector will alarm and the conveyor will stop, so as to prevent accidents.

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