XLDH-F-III Speed Switch

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  • Advantages
  • Parameter
  • Dimensions
  • ● Adoption of high-strength A-alloy precise die-casting shell, with strong impact resistant capability.

    ● The surface of the shell is sprayed with plastic and has strong corrosion resistance.

    ● The shell has high protection level, good sealing, waterproof and dust-proof, and can be used in harsh environment.

    ● Using ARM MCU as control unit, it has fast response speed, high precision and small error.

    ● Non-contact, non-fragile components, long service life.

    ● Double-row digital tube display, LED indicator display, convenient for on-site observation and maintenance.

    ● Integral design, two bolts fixed, easy to install and use.

    ● Intelligent design without manual setting of initial parameters.

    ● High Precision 4-20mA Analog Output.

    ● Light and heavy alarm double switch output, light alarm with power off alarm function.

    ● High Contact Capacity Relay Output.

    ● With RS-485 communication interface, it can access comprehensive protection instrument.

    ● Optional Intelligent Infrared Hand Manipulator can modify alarm point, alarm delay, start delay and other parameters by itself.

  • ● Ambient temperature:-40℃~50℃

    ● Relative humidity:0~95%

    ● Atmospheric pressure:80~110kPa

    ● Working voltage:AC100~240V    50/60HZ

    ● Power Consumption of the Whole Machine:15W

    ● Output mode:Two sets of switching quantities (light and heavy alarms) and one set of analog quantities (4-20mA)

    ● Contact mode and quantity:2 X SPDT

    ● Contact capacity:AC250V 3A  DC30V 3A

    ● Detection range:10~9999  R/min

    ● ptimum Detection Distance of Sensor Head:10mm

    ● Alarm Point:Light alarm10%,Heavy alarm50%

    ● Start delay:10 S

    ● Protection level:IP67

    ● Display mode:Double-row 8-bit LED digital tube

    ● Analog mode:4~20 MA

    ● Accuracy of analogue quantity:0.1%

    ● Analog load capacity:300 Ω

    ● Communication mode:RS485

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