XLZB-S Integrated Protection Device

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  • Advantages
  • Parameter
  • Dimensions
  •  RS-485 communication mode, ultra-long distance communication capability.

     Super information processing capability, single support 254 addresses, and support to expand to 2000 addresses.

     The two-way channel interface supports the communication between the host computer.

     Standard Modbus-RTU communication mode.

     7 inch color touch screen, direct and convenient observation.

     Wireless manual operator can be used to set parameters, simple and fast.

     Variable communication rate and strong adaptability.

     Using programmable control technology, nodes can increase dynamically.

     Dynamic Configuration and Online Upgrade.

     Installation mode is diversified, control box installation mode or cabinet dishing mode.

     Bus connection mode, saving cable, convenient connection.

  • ● Work environment:Indoor type

    ● Ambient temperature:-40~+50℃

    ● Relative humidity:0~95%

    ● Atmospheric pressure:80~110kPa

    ● Communication mode:RS-485

    ● Address range:000~999

    ● Working voltage:AC220V 50/60Hz

    ● Power Consumption of the Whole Machine:50W

    ● Display mode:7 inch color touch screen

    ● Communication Rate:2400,4800,9600,19200,38400,57600,115200bps

    ● Type of communication cable:ASTP-120Ω RVSP2×1.5mm²

    ● Reset mode:Automatic

    ● Installation mode:Control Box Installation or Cabinet Disk Installation

    ● Protection level:IP54




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